Warranty team is based on email only

  • Warranties available from day of purchase of vehicle till 12 months
  • Engine and gearbox warranty only
  • Wear and tear items not covered
  • Vehicle will need to brought back to us for repairs to be carried out at you're expenses
  • Diagnostic reports required to be sent via email we don't cover the cost of diagnostic fee
  • Clutch and flywheel is not covered
  • Air con not covered
  • Ecu not covered
  • Timing belt or timing chain not covered
  • DPF not covered
  • Injectors not covered


Rocker assembly, valves and guides (except carbonised, burnt or pitted valves), cyclinder head gasket, excluding skim push rods, camshaft and cam followers, timing gears, chains and belts, oil Pump, pistons, pistons pins and rings, cyclinder bored, connecting rods and bearings.

EXCLUDED: Flywheel and ring gear, distributor drive gear, distributor drive auxillary shaft and bushes, internal bushes.


Master cylinder


This part is not covered as it is wear and tear

Transmission (Automatic)

Gears and brake band. Oil pump, shafts, bearings and bushes. Valves, goevernor and servos. Excluding torque converter, drive plate and electric computer.
Maximum £250 claim Limit

Transmission (Manual)

Gears, shafts, bearings and bushes. Synchromesh hubs and selectors. Excluding remote/eternal linkage and gear lever assembly


Casings are covered if they have been damaged by any of the listed parts

Cooling system

Water pump, thermostat and head gasket. All other parts and damage caused by overheating, frost, or as a result of lack of anti-freeze are excluded.


Starter motor, alternator, regulator, coil, wiper motor (front and rear), heater fan motor. (All other parts associated with the electrical system are specifically excluded.